Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hobby of Bullshiting

The word bullshiting might be sound rude but that is a best word to describe someone who likes to talk or write without a proper statistics and unproven facts. It is a something that very common in my home country. It practice by everyone. From country leader to company CEO to high level executive to pasar malam trader. As long as you have mouth and not mute, you can talk anything that either make sense or not make senses as long as it is not the sensitive issues.

Been living in this country for about 30 years, I have no choice but to admit myself as a good bullshiter because always bullshiting whenever I’m free because this has become my hobby and part of my life. Many friends who are very concern about me ask me to get my own life instead of doing something that wasting a time. Do more meaningful thing in my life because life is short. Some of them might scare me to talk a lot that coincidence is true but might accidentally hurt them. Anyway, truth is always hurt.

Discover another truth

By the way, I don’t bullshit everyday. I only did it when I really got nothing else to do or feel like don’t want to do anything. Please do not keep in heart if next time I accidentally make you as my victim.

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